Friday, October 31, 2008

Funny Story From Jai Boro

I want to share this story..... I get this story from

Ada seorang pak cik yang bernama Pak DI yang sangat kaya. Setiap hari beliau akan menyimpan RM1000 di bank. Setiap hari tepat pukul 9 pagi Pak Di dah pun bersiap sedia terpacak di kuanter bank untuk menympan RM1000nya.

Setelah lebih kurang setahun berlalu, kehadirannya setiap hari disedari oleh Manager Bank. Menager Bank itu pun memanggilnya ke office dan bertanya.

Manager : Setiap hari saya lihat pak cik akan menyimpan RM1000 dibank.Apa kerja pak cik?

Pak DI : Saya ni sebenarnya takde kerja encik. Cuma saya suka bertaruh. Setiap hari saya akan bertaruh dan saya tak pernah kalah.

Manager : Ooo... ini sudah cukup bagus. Tapi pak cik mungkin belum bertemu dengan orang yang teror macam saya ni. Kalau pak cik bertaruh dengan saya jangan haraplah nak menang.

Pak DI : Iye ke? Kalau macam tu jom kita bertaruh.

Manager : Okay. Sebutkan apa saja pak cik nak bertaruh dengan saya.
Pak DI: Macam ni... dalam tempoh 7 hari dari sekarang encik akan kehilangan telur encik. Kalau betul encik akan hilang RM1000, kalau tak saya akan bayar encik RM1000.

Manager : Hahaha.. tak logiklah pak cik. Tapi tak pe... saya setuju.

Setelah kedua-duanya setuju mereka pun beredar. Besoknya bila bangun pagi Manager tu pun meraba telurnya.. ooh masih ada. Begitulah seterusnya hinggalah sampai ke hari yang ketujuh dia dapati telurnya masih lagi ada.......Dengan suka hatinya Manager tersebut pun pergilah berjumpadengan Pak DI.

Manager : Pak cik sorrylah ye.. telur saya masih lagi ada..
Pak DI : Betul ke? Aku tak percaya... Mari sini aku pegang...Lalu dipegangnya anu Manager tu.

Sambil tersenyum Pak DI pun berkata..Okaylah.. Betul kata kau. Nah ambil RM1000 ni.Pak DI pun menghulurkannya.

Manager : Hari ni baru pak cik tahu siapa yang teror... Sorrylah pakcik.Hari ni pak cik tak dapat pergi bank lagi laaaa keh.. keh.. keh... Tiba-tiba Pak Di mengeluarkan RM4000 dan pergi ke kuanter bank.

Manager tersebut rasa hairan lalu bertanya pada Pak DI.....
Manager: mana pak cik dapat duit sebanyak tu?

Pak DI : Pak cik bertaruh dengan kawan pak cik Guard kat luar tu tadi RM5000.
Manager : Bertaruh apa?

Pak DI : Bertaruh yang pak cik dapat pegang telur Manager Bank.....

Manager : Tak guna punya orang tua.. Terkena aku...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fuel Consumption Calculation

It has been some time since I shared on my car fuel consumption performance. I have device a new method of computing the fuel consumption. What I do now is to pump a fix value each time, in this case, I always pump 26.04 liter. This value is based on RM50 @ RM1.92/Liter. For each of the fueling instances on the x-axis, I pump 26.04 liter and drive the car till it’s empty, which is till the light comes up and the indicator go to the lowest, most of the time hitting E and below. Then I pump 26.04 liter again. I find that by doing this, the fuel consumption are pretty stable at the average of 14.5km/liter and a Standard Deviation of 0.59. My stock tires which are Goodyear RCT are going bald and I will be changing them soon. Currently I am eyeing on Continental Contact 2 or Michelin Preceda 2. The Tires manufacturer always claim that their tires safe fuel, etc.. well, I will be putting them to the test. I will compare the fuel consumption before and after the tire change. Since I will be changing all 4 tires at one go, it would be a good estimate to see if what the manufacturers claim are valid. Oh, by the way, instance 2 and 3 was Caltex Techron and the rest were Shell Super.

Other way to calculate fuel consumption:-
I used a different way to calculate though.

1) Pump full.
2) Use as much as I want while making sure I keep track of the kilometres.
3) Pump full again. The amount of money used divided with the kilometres covered.
My Corolla in city-driving mode cost me close to 17 sen per km, while in highway mode cost me about 14.75 sen per km.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Fifth generation (new version Honda City) Honda City found in Chiang Mai University, Thailand.

Features of Thailand's Honda City 2008

The following are the features of Thailand's Honda City 2008.
Thailand's Honda City 2008 would come in three variants - S model, V Model and SV model. Honda might launch the new City in the Philippines and Malaysia by 2009. It is scheduled to arrive in Singapore by the end of September 2009.

Ninety-Nine Names Of God ( Asma al Husna)

The names of God (Asma ua husna) are written in the style of Arabic known as sini (Chinese), practised by Chinese Calligraphers .

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

FAQ On Islam

FAQ on Islam by Dr. Zakir Naik
In conveying the message of Islam to a non-Muslim, it is usually not sufficient to highlight only the positive nature of Islam. Most non-Muslims are not convinced about the truth of Islam because there are a few questions about Islam at the back of their minds that remain unanswered.

They may agree with your contentions about the positive nature of Islam. But, in the same breath, they will say - "Ah! But you are the same Muslims who marry more than one woman. You are the same people who subjugate women by keeping them behind the veil. You are fundamentalists, etc."

I personally prefer asking the non-Muslim upfront, what he feels is wrong in Islam. I prefer asking directly, what they feel is wrong in Islam with their limited knowledge, whether right or wrong and from whichever source it may be. I encourage them to be very frank and open and convince them that I can take criticism about Islam.

In the past few years of my Da’wah experience, I have realized that there are barely twenty most common questions that a common non-Muslim has regarding Islam. Whenever you ask a non-Muslim, "what do you feel is wrong with Islam?", he poses five or six questions, and these questions invariably fall among the twenty most common questions.

Logical replies can convince the majority

The twenty most common questions about Islam can be answered with reason and logic. A majority of non-Muslims can be convinced with these answers. If a Muslim memorizes or simply remembers these answers, Inshallah he will be successful, if not in convincing non-Muslims about the complete truth of Islam, then at least in removing misconceptions about Islam and neutralizing the negative thinking about Islam and Muslims that the non-Muslims have. A very few non-Muslims may have counter arguments to these replies, for which further information may be required.

Twenty most common questions about Islam???
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