Thursday, September 25, 2008

MELAKA added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List

Jonker Street in Melaka ( Jalan Hang Jebat)

Melaka and George Town, historic cities of the Straits of Malacca (Malaysia) have developed over 500 years of trading and cultural exchanges between East and West in the Straits of Malacca. The influences of Asia and Europe have endowed the towns with a specific multicultural heritage that is both tangible and intangible. With its government buildings, churches, squares and fortifications, Melaka demonstrates the early stages of this history originating in the 15th-century Malay sultanate and the Portuguese and Dutch periods beginning in the early 16th century. Featuring residential and commercial buildings, George Town represents the British era from the end of the 18th century.
The two towns constitute a unique architectural and cultural townscape without parallel anywhere in East and Southeast Asia.


Sempena Nak Menyambut Hari Raya Idulfitri ni ramai yang nak balik kampung. Kampungku di Sungai Rambai, Melaka. Where is Sungai Rambai?

Sungai Rambai is a small town in Melaka state Malaysia. It is situated about 32 kilometers south of Melaka Historical City along the federal route to Muar. It is the last town in Melaka before crossing Kesang River into Johore stateship. Initially if you travel to south via Federal Road 5, you will pass through the town. However when the 4-lane Lebuh AMJ highway was opened in June 2007, the town is bypassed. However, you can still notice and follow the signboards put on the highway going to the town. If you need gasoline for your car, or refreshment for your journey, do visit the town. The Petronas fuel station can be reached by turning to old federal road leading to Melaka, a few hundred meters from the traffic light of Parit Putat road junction. The food stalls are available at both side of the Kesang river which separate Melaka and Johore stateship.


For your information, the following items have been recalled due to China's milk scandal:
1. M&M
2. Snickers
3. Mento's Yoghurt Bottle
4. Dove Chocolate
5. Oreo Wafer Sticks
6. Dutchlady Sterilised Milk
7. Wall's all natural mango
8. Mini Poppers Ice Cream
9. Magnum Ice Cream
10. Moo Sandwich Ice Cream
11. Mini Cornetto
12. Youcan Ice Cream

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Krisis Ekonomi Global

Quote from my friend(e-muzaffar) ;

Kemajuan dunia terutamanya benua eropah sekarang datang dari Islam terutama dari Spain. Hampir 800 ratus tahun Islam maju kat Spain sampai former CEO Hewlett Packard, Carly Fiorina pun dlm satu speech dia menyatakan computer hari ni hasil dari algebra dan algorithms yg dicipta org Islam. Kau bayangkan kalau org islam tak reka no 1 dan 0 , kira pakai nombor roman berapa punya panjang bila nak kira juta-juta.

No arab kalau kau tengok betul betul terlalu banyak persamaan dgn nombor sekarang.Cuba kau tonggang terbalikkan no arab tu...bandingkan dgn no sekarang...sebijik !!!

Rasanya akan ada recycle kegemilangan Islam......yg paling ketara sekarang Islamic financial system. Pakai sistem konvensional yahudi , kenakan interest last-last bungkus, jadi le macam Lehman Bros, Merrill Lynch, AIG, Fredddie Mac,Fannie Mae...coming soon maybe Washington Mutual.....

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Why wake up for Fajr Solah??

A man woke up early in order to pray the Fajr Prayer at the masjid. He got dressed, made his ablution and was on his way to the masjid. On his way to the masjid, the man fell and his clothes got dirty. He got up, brushed himself off, and headed home. At home, he changed his clothes, made his ablution, and was, again, on his way to the masjid. On his way to the masjid, he fell again and at the same spot! He, again, got up, brushed himself off and headed home. At home he, once again, changed his clothes, made his ablution and was on his way to the masjid.

On his way to the masjid, he met a man holding a lamp. He asked the man of his identity and the man replied I saw you fall twice on your way to the masjid, so I brought a lamp so I can light your way.' The first man thanked him profusively and the two where on their way to the masjid. Once at the masjid, the first man asked the man with the lamp to come in and pray Fajr with him. The second man refused. The first man asked him a couple more times and, again, the answer was the same. The first man asked him why he did not wish to come in and pray.

The man replied, 'I am Satan (devil/evil)' The man was shocked at this reply. Satan went on to explain, 'I saw you on your way to the masjid and it was I who made you fall. When you went home, cleaned yourself and went back on your way to the masjid, Allah forgave all of your sins. I made you fall a second time, and even that did not encourage you to stay home, but rather, you went back on your way to the masjid. Because of that, Allah forgave all the sins of the people of your household .

I was AFRAID if i made you fall one more time, then Allah will forgive the sins of the people of your village , so I made sure that you reached the masjid safely!' So do not let Satan benefit from his actions. Do not put off a good that you intended to do as you never know how much reward you might receive from the hardships you encounter while trying to achieve that good.

Work Pressure???

There is more in life than just work….. U work to have a better life…. If work can destroy your life… It is better to stay jobless…. act sensibly… It is the friends and the good wishes you earn which will make you live a complete life…. No matter how you perform … good or bad… you will be forgotten…. So work only until you enjoy it… When it reaches threshold…. You have just one choice… Just chill…. and take it easy…..